[Free Shipping] Hamada Fishing Port Brand Dogfish "Donchicchi" 2 pieces (frozen)

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【Description of item】

This is a red-throated black-throated fish from the brand "Donchicchi" that was landed at Hamada Fishing Port in Shimane Prefecture.

Each 180 to 230g black-throat fish, which looks good and is satisfying to eat, is immediately processed at a processing plant at the fishing port (scales and internal organs removed), vacuum processed, 3D frozen, and packaged in 2-fish packages before being delivered. .

Each fish is packed individually, so you can thaw only the amount you need.
You can thaw it under running water, boil it, grill it with salt, etc. and enjoy it.

“Donchichi Nodoguro” is said to be the best in Japan and has a different level of fat.

It is said that the Japanese rockfish landed at Hamada Fishing Port in Shimane Prefecture has three to five times more lipids than other areas.

This is thanks to the lipid-rich plankton off the coast of San'in.
This plankton is eaten by the shrimp, crabs, squid, and other small fish that feed on the black-throated fish, resulting in the creation of "Donchichi-nodoguro," which is unique from other species.

In addition, at Hamada Port, we use a lipid measuring device to check the lipid content and ensure quality.

Please take your time and enjoy the best taste in Japan.


Cooked Nodoguro (frozen) from Hamada, Shimane Prefecture
2 fish x approximately 180-230g (weight before preparation)
*Scales and internal organs removed
*When delivered, the scales and internal organs have been removed, so the weight will be reduced accordingly.
Thank you for your understanding.

expiration date:
Before thawing: 3 months in the freezer After thawing: 2 days in the refrigerator

How to serve:
After thawing under running water, boil, salt-grill, etc.

Shipping method:
Kuroneko Yamato (frozen delivery)

Free shipping *Hokkaido: 900 yen, Tohoku: 300 yen, Okinawa: 1,650 yen, additional shipping fee will be charged. please note that.

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